What if we told you we have built a team of experts, not just any team, not just any experts? What if we told you we had a vision of a future, where logistics is agile, sophisticated, leaned in on technology - but personal? Where real relationships and accountability is ingrained. What if we told you, that you felt more than trust, you felt friendship?

John Sampson, our founder, knew there had to be a better way. A way where we created a community, and partnerships, that put people back into the equation of logistics. Yes, the big boys were using technology, but who doesn’t use it these days. Technology is a powerful tool. But in a world where a few larger players were caring about margins and companies fitting into their boxes, STL Group was born from the idea of thinking different. It was about creating partnerships where customers' needs were the primary objective, and the logistics work for them. Fatigued by the fit into our box mentality, John built a team from around the world, from the biggest companies, and they pooled their expertise, intuition and their passion for delivering a human-centred logistics company.

John Sampson

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