Our Values

This might sound cliche, but we live our values to the core. John, our founder, truly understands that the integrity and passion of the team translate into really positive outcomes for our clients. So everything we do is through the lens of our values. It is our common language and our guiding light.

Our passionate team intrinsically cares about your business and your success. That’s why every day at the STL Group starts with the collective question “WHY” we’re in business? Most days, the answer for us this is about inspiring companies to think differently about their existing Logistics processes and needs. On other days, its because we love what we do and are proud that we help so many businesses deliver great products and services to their customers. We love that we help Keep Australia Moving.

Everyone within the STL Group has to be empowered to think differently with a focus on the following areas.

Driving Innovation, Delivering Excellence!

We don’t call our customers customers, we call them partners as we build open and transparent relationships. Our goal is to deliver a lifetime of value for you.

Warehousing and transport are only part of an overall supply chain for our partners. Our aim is to understand your overall objectives of the supply chain and the key components that drive your business performance, only then are we better able to define solutions and add a continuous cycle of value.

Driving Innovation, Delivering Excellence!

We believe NOTHING is impossible. We are persistent in finding the best solution for you. Sometimes we need to look at our processes, other times it’s warehouse set-up or fleet service profile. Our definition of innovation is very broad - if it solves a problem for you we embrace doing things in a different manner. As our partner we work for you in always finding the best solution to satisfy your goals.

Driving Innovation, Delivering Excellence!

Our partners do not exist to provide us with a living. We live to provide you with a service, a solution to your needs and add value to your business. We see every opportunity to engage with you is an opportunity to add value. We won’t miss these opportunities and respect the fact we are privileged to work with you.

We believe in the power of our broader business eco-system and that being collaborative and considerate of all business stakeholders is the future of doing business - so expect an open and transparent attitude with an attitude to share - always.

Driving Innovation, Delivering Excellence!

We’ll keep looking, keep challenging, keep finding a better way for you by integrating the latest technology in our business and therefore yours.

The future of Logistics will be Technology-driven - we’d like our current and future partners to be part of a never-ending evolution offering the latest benefits and efficiencies through the application of the latest technologies available. Technology exists to serve our partners and us, but for us to maximise its benefit, we need to leverage it – do not accept “that’s how it is” – what is the best way? What can we automate? What can we reduce by leveraging technology? We’ll keep looking, keep challenging, keep finding a better way.

Driving Innovation, Delivering Excellence!

Without logistics services, the world stops. We are proud, bold and recognise the critical role we play for many partners. We will never undervalue what we provide and have the strength and belief  TO ALWAYS SAY WHAT WE MEAN AND MEAN WHAT WE SAY

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