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It’s really hard to find a reliable national Logistics provider nowadays that you can trust to not only do a good job with your existing freight and warehouse needs but also one that intrinsically understands you and your business at all times.

At STL Group we challenge and like to be challenged continuously and we care about you. We’re driven to understand you and your business, always think different about existing Logistics and supply chain problems and ultimately deliver the best and most responsive Logistics experience and proposition to you – we believe there is always a way to do things better or more efficiently!

In fact we’ve grown consistently since our start in 2002 because we add continuous value to our customers’ agenda and strategies. It’s really simple: when we add value to reach your objectives – whether it be reducing cost, improving service levels, driving efficiencies or creating more time for you and your teams to focus on what’s really important - you win and when you win we win.


A national transport network supporting the distribution of palletised and cartonised freight, as well as big and bulky commodities across the country.
A network large enough to provide scale and service, but small enough to remain flexible and agile to support our partners needs.


We define all our customer relationships as partnerships and we aim to deliver lifelong value to you. In order to achieve this we need to move beyond a traditional customer/supplier relationship and maintain a continuous dialogue to achieve a continuous improvement cycle for you with as focus cost reduction/maintenance and/or better service levels.

Furthermore we like to look at our partners strategically and see how we can collaborate in other areas to achieve mutual benefit.


As your Logistics provider you expect visibility and control. We therefore integrate the latest Technology Solutions with customer portal structures for you so that you always know what is happening with your freight – warehouse or transport related.

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