Our Evolution

The Foundation

We believed there was a better way... In 2004 Sophisticated Transport Group was born out the desire to find a better way to support the logistics needs of a major national Australian retailer. The development and implementation of a unique distribution management system together with the delivery of a national transport and depot solution provided a foundation for STL to evolve.

Logistics Technology

Based on this technology and operational customer success 2014 saw the first technology engagements as well as STL starting to provide logistics services as a contract warehouse manager, as well as transport brokerage services.

The Shift

2015 saw the logistics business evolve as we moved from operating a customers warehouse under contract to managing our own facilities and operations as the focus shifted from technology and consulting to providing direct transport and warehousing services.

The Focus

Our own dedicated warehouse site in Melbourne, as well as our first direct sub contract transport providers saw the evolution of the STL logistics proposition. With this development the focus had almost entirely shifted away from technology and consulting and focussed purely on providing transport and warehousing services.

Logistics Activity Growth

Continued growth and expansion of fleet operations including in South Australia further transformed the STL proposition and provided for significantly more capabilities to service. This was continually supported by a national network of partner providers.

National Line Haul Capability

New capabilities in Queensland linked to a national linehaul model supported further expansion of services, and the foundation for new growth and an expanded national customer base. The further addition of a few national retailer contracts meant significant growth in revenue and a solid foundation for the future.

A National Network of Transport and Warehouse Services

Our objective will be to continue to provide the STL Group customer experience to our existing and future customers, while continuing to expand our national footprint and service capabilities.

We’ve grown by always approaching existing Logistics challenges differently, adapting to customer needs and adding continuous value to our existing customer base, leveraging the best technology available and always being flexible, open and approachable.

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