John Sampson


At the heart of STL is John Sampson, a luminary with over three decades in the transportation and logistics landscape. Founding Sophisticated Transport Logistics Pty in 2002 Ltd and later, The STL Group in 2004, John stands as a beacon for his adeptness in untangling transport management challenges and offering superior services.

It isn’t just about moving goods for STL—it’s about defining excellence in logistics. Guided by John’s staunch principles of punctuality, affordability, and shipment integrity, we’ve been at the forefront of introducing tech-driven solutions for clients worldwide.

More than just logistics, we believe in building global connections and crafting significant moments. This ethos is further reinforced as John Sampson serves not only as our guiding light but also as a shareholder and advisor to the International Trade Council (ITC). This pivotal body orchestrates trade missions, fostering global collaborations.

Our association with the ITC has enriched STL with unparalleled market insights and nurtured global partnerships. Through this relationship, we don’t just enhance your logistics needs but also connect you with promising international collaborators, turning each project into a realm of boundless opportunities.

Under John’s forward-thinking leadership, STL is all set to transform the logistics domain in launching Vacation Logistics.Choosing STL means aligning with dedication, innovation, and unmatched expertise. Entrust us with your logistics, ensuring every operation is seamlessly executed from beginning to end.Caption “I love my job because my job loves me.”

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